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And if it weren't for the tears on your cheeks, I'd say you were a monster like me.



Greek mythology meme: [1/6] titans


Selene was the titan goddess and the divine personification of the Moon. She was a daughter of Hyperion, the titan of light, and the sister of Eos and Helios, correspondingly the titans of dawn and the Sun. Selene’s dearest lover was Endymion, who was granted eternal youth and immortality on the condition of spending his life asleep. Selene visited him every night and the couple had many children, the most notable of whom were the Menai, the goddesses of the lunar months.

greek mythology meme: [8/8] nymphs

↳ lotis

Lotis was a Naiad of the springs of River Sperkheios in Northern Greece. She was pursued by the god Priapos, but she didn’t love him and escaped. During her escape, she was transformed into a tree.

greek mythology meme: [7/8] nymphs

↳ dryope

Dryope was originally a mortal princess. As a child, she befriended the Hamadryades of Mount Oeta, and sometime after the god Apollon seduced her, she was carried off into the woods and became a nymph herself.

greek mythology meme: [6/8] nymphs

↳ aethria

Aethria was one of the seven Heliades, the daughters of the sun god Helios. When their brother Phaedron fell from the sky with the sun chariot, the Heliades rushed to the crash site and wept for him for so long that they were transformed into poplar trees and their tears into amber.

greek mythology meme: [5/8] nymphs

↳ alkyone

Alkyone was one of the seven Pleiades, the daughters of the titan Atlas and his wife, an Oceanid named Pleione. Alkyone was the lover of Poseidon and had several children with him, the best known of whom are Hyreius, Hyperes, Anthas, and Aithousa.

greek mythology meme: [4/8] nymphs

↳ khione

The daughter of Boreas, the North Wind, and Oreithyia, a mortal woman, Khione was a snow nymph. Her siblings were Kleopatra and the two Boreads Zetes and Kalais. Khione later became better known as a minor goddess, the mistress of snow.

greek mythology meme: [3/8] nymphs

↳ thetis

Thetis is individually the most famous of Nereides, the fifty daughters of Nereus and Doris, mostly because of her marriage to Peleus. Even though her wedding was carried through against her will and she wasn’t very fond of her husband, the union resulted in the birth of a child, Achilles. Thetis loved her son more than anything, and desperately tried to protect him from his destiny. 

greek mythology meme: [2/8] nymphs

↳ kalypso

A daughter of Atlas and the sole inhabitant of the mythical island Ogygia, Kalypso is best known for her part in the Odyssey. After Odysseus was washed ashore on the coast of Ogygia, Kalypso found him and eventually fell in love with him. She promised Odysseus eternal youth and immortality if he decided to stay with her, and kept him on the island for seven years, until the gods commanded her to let him go.

greek mythology meme: [1/8] nymphs

↳ daphne

Daphne was a Naiad, and because she was exquisitely beautiful, she was loved by the god Apollon. He pursued her relentlessly, but she evaded his advances. Eventually, when he’d almost caught her, she prayed to Gaia to save her, and was turned into the laurel tree. Apollon found the tree instead of the girl and from its boughs made himself a wreath. 

greek mythology meme: [7/7] gods

↳ hephaistos

The son of Hera and Zeus, Hephaistos was thrown down from Mount Olympos in his youth, resulting in him having a permanent limp, for which he compensated by crafting a pair of leg supports of gold. Although he was considered unattractive by the other gods, he was respected for his skills in metalworking and other similar crafts. Hephaistos was the god of fire, and the god of smiths and craftspeople.