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mythology meme:  [3/8] myths, legends, and stories

↳ the kidnapping of iðunn

This particular story is from the Prose Edda; more specifically, it’s found in the book Skáldskaparmál (‘language of poetry’), which is presented in the form of a dialogue between Ægir, a sea giant, and Bragi, the god of poetry.

One day, Loki the trickster is trying to chase a large eagle away with a pole, but after whacking it, he gets stuck to the bird and is carried higher and higher into the sky. Loki begs the eagle, who is actually the ice giant Þjazi in disguise, to release him. Þjazi does so, on the condition that Loki will lure Iðunn, the goddess of youth, out of the gates of Asgard so that Þjazi can kidnap her. Loki agrees and later fulfils his promise by telling Iðunn that there are interesting apples in a certain forest, and that she should want to bring her own with to compare. Intrigued, Iðunn goes with him, and eagle-shaped Þjazi snatches the goddess between his claws and flies away.

The Æsir start to wither and grow old without Iðunn’s youth apples and they figure Loki has something to do with her disappearance. The Æsir tell him he has to bring her back, or there’ll be dire consequences. Loki gets Freyja to lend him her ‘falcon shape’, and off he goes. He finds Iðunn and turns her into a nut to carry her back home. However, Þjazi notices his prisoner has gone missing, and chases the disguised Loki. The Æsir notice the two birds coming from afar and they build a large fire by the walls of Asgard; the falcon manages to evade the fire, but the eagle is unable to stop and flies straight into the flames. 

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