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I like believing that Slytherins did fight in the battle, fought for their home, where they grew up. They probably dropped the cloaks and ties in order to not be a target.

Slytherins levitating rubble off of students

Slytherins sending the spiders flying out windows

Slytherins using hidden passages to evacuate students

Slytherins using hidden passages to sneak up on the enemy

Slytherins with no death eater affiliations, fighting death eaters to save their friends

Slytherins with death eater affiliations going through a mental turmoil as they have to make a decision on which home means more to them, and choosing Hogwarts.

Slytherins, fighting for Hogwarts because hogwarts is home. Where they had their first crush, kiss, ghost encounter. Where they learned how to read the stars and bottle fame. Where they met the people they now call brothers and sisters.

Slytherins man. Teenagers fighting in a war that they never should have to, but doing it anyway because they protect what is theirs.

"She turned halfway, as if to touch her lips to his cheek, but he slid a palm down her back and tipped her face up to his and kissed her full on the mouth - not a brotherly kiss, there was no mistaking it for that, but a long, slow, greedy kiss, messy and voluptuous. His bathrobe fell slightly open as his left hand sank from her chin to her neck, collarbone, base of throat, his fingertips just inside the edge of her thin polka-dot shirt and trembling over the warm skin there."

Donna Tartt, the Secret History (via camilla-macauley)


im alive but only ironically


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There is only one worthy goal for scientific exploration: piercing the tissue that separates life from death. Everything else, from the deep bottom of the sea, to the top of the highest mountain on the farthest planet, is  i n s i g n i f i c a n t.

"Make a baby tuxedo clothing line. A department store with a guest list. White fur earmuffs for men. A new brand of bottled water called H2Ho. Contact lenses that display text messages. Invent a phone that smells good. Own a nightclub called Eclipse that’s only open for one hour, two times a year. Cover charge? $5000."

the secret history meme:  [1] scene

↳ the bacchanal

“It was heart-shaking. Glorious. Torches, dizziness, singing. Wolves howling around us and a bull bellowing in the dark. The river ran white. It was like a film in fast motion, the moon waxing and waning, clouds rushing across the sky. Vines grew from the ground so fast they twined up the trees like snakes; seasons passing in the wink of an eye, entire years for all I know…”

in the flesh alphabet

Amy Dyer

It’s fate Kieren Walker. Everything happens for a reason. You’ve got to start believing that.”

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I know right once my friend got an orange highlighter that was so brightly neon it hurt to look at it????? But somehow pink highlighter is only ever used to colour in the faces of people your textbook has photos of and its amazing

highlighter is good when used sparingly i think like i have a set of four and i mostly use those to draw geometric patterns on my arms in physics class so