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And if it weren't for the tears on your cheeks, I'd say you were a monster like me.




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( I had four dreams in a row
where you were burned, about to burn, or still on f i r e . )



In Greek mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter. Wife of Hades, Queen of the Underworld and a goddess of vegetation. Formidable, venerable, majestic. The story of her abduction is one you have heard before, of the maiden picking flowers in the meadow abducted by a heartless god. Her mother’s love and sorrow were so great that she forbid the earth to produce. Zeus orders Hades to return her, and he complies. But not before Persephone swallows some pomegranate seeds. The food of the underworld binds one to it, and so Persephone was forever bound to spend half of her months in the world of the living with her mother, the months in which the earth would produce bountifully, and half as Queen of Hades, in which the land would wilt. 
Hi hi hi!! I'm a literature student and we're reading Eliot's Sweeney Among The Nightingales. It's based on Agamemnon and is basically comparing the modern day asshole to him and I was hoping you could help me understand him as a character in this vibrantly messed up yet beautiful spectrum called Greek Mythology. I thought of you the minute I found out the poem was based on a Greek myth! 😁

(I feel like you guys sometimes forget I’m just a mythology enthusiast and by no means an expert omg)

Aw that is so nice!

Okay so: GM Agamemnon is the son of king Atreus and the ruler of Mycenae, which, if you didn’t know, is a region in Greece. Before the Trojan War he was like ‘lol gotta do a thing’ and somehow he managed to anger the goddess Artemis, which is a very bad thing to do, because the gods do not forgive easily and they can seriously mess your life up if you don’t manage appease them. Basically, Artemis was pissed off as fuck and so the Mycenaeans couldn’t go to war, because you do not want a god opposing you when you’re going to war. Anyway, then a prophet named Calchas said ‘hey we have to sacrifice Iphigenia to make Artemis like us again’ and Agamemon was like ‘eeeeeeh’ because Iphigenia was his daughter. Everyone was like ‘cmon Agamemnon don’t be a pissbaby’ and so they sacrificed Iphigenia and then sailed off to kick the Trojans in the face and stuff.

So anyway during the Trojan War Agamemnon continued being a total tit and so Achilles got fucking pissed off because Agamemnon wanted his war bounty, which included a girl named Briseis. Why? Well, Agamemnon had to give his prize back to the Trojans because he’d been a loser and taken the daughter of a priest of Apollon, and Apollon was very pissed off about that, and that was a whole thing. As you might’ve been able to guess by now, Agamemnon was greedy and proud as fuck. That stuff culminated with Patroclus and Hector and a bunch of other people dying and it wasn’t very awesome.

Anyway, so when he rolled back home from the war like ten years later, he brought with him a prize: the prophetess Cassandra. However, back home, Agamemnon’s wife Clytemnestra had taken a lover of her own, because her husband had been away for a fucking decade and she didn’t know if he’d ever come back because it’s not like they had Skype or phones or anything like that, and also because he’d sacrificed one of their children to the gods, and also because he’d gone to war over some girl that he didn’t even have anything to do with. I mean, Helen was his brother’s wife, sure, but seriously??? So anyway, she and her lover plotted to kill Agamemnon, and in so many words, they succeeded. Then there’s the whole deal with Orestes, who was pissed as fuck that his mother had basically assassinated his father, and that was also a whole thing, but I’m not gonna talk about it here.

I hope this helps???


If you felt like doing a picspam or something about the lake by the country house from The Secret History, that could be lovely?
In the end, I made myself
Known to your wife as
A god would, in her own house, in
Ithaca, a voice
Without a body: she
Paused in her weaving, her head turning
First to the right, then left
Though it was hopeless of course
To trace that sound to any
Objective source: I doubt
She will return to her loom
With what she knows now. When
You see her again, tell her
This is how a god says goodbye:
If I am in her head forever
I am in your life forever.
from Louise Glück, Circe’s Grief (via camilla-macauley)


The Surnames in Harry Potter Saga.

Dedicated to Jeihan.

Then what is desire? 
     To live. 
          To live forever.